Webinars with WOW Factor: Tips, Tricks and Interactive Activities for Webinars

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  • UPC: 978-0-9794103-1-4

Becky Pike Pluth, M.Ed.

Discover or rediscover techniques that will make your material come to life on the screen and over the phone. This is a book on designing creative webinars, increasing knowledge retention, and ultimately transferring learning on to the job.

With so many learners checking out of web casts and doing email or finishing another task, it is important to involve the listeners and participants every 4 minutes. But how?

This book explores four techniques for delivering interactive webinars. These techniques include chunking content, using openers that break pre-occupation, finishing with closers that allow for action planning, and implementing content revisiting strategies throughout. All of these tactics are specifically designed for online interaction and differ from traditional classroom engagement.

With the increased popularity and need for webinars, it is vital for trainers to also look at what they should be doing before, during and after the webinar to get the most out of the session and reduce challenges during.

In this book, you will discover:

  • What are the top 10 sins of webinars? How can I avoid them?
  • Can I connect with learners online? How?
  • What are best practices for webinar design, execution and follow-up?
  • What tips can I use to energize my audience?
  • How can I make a powerful impact with my slide design?
  • How do I use the basic webinar software tools to best advantage?
  • What activities can I use to ensure participant involvement?
  • What techniques can I implement to make the webinar enjoyable for both host and participant?
  • How do I increase retention of the training material?

Implementing these techniques and activities are guaranteed to better prepare you to involve your participants, make your training memorable, and ensure participant action planning.