Creating Effective Assessments Crash Course


Are you reaching your audience? Are they having lightbulb moments? Are you sure? Assessments not only test employees’ knowledge and skills, they also give you an understanding of your program’s effectiveness. Assessments used throughout training provide valuable information for the instructor to gauge levels of mastery and adjust their instruction accordingly. After training, assessments can help measure if the information is making a difference back on the job—this is your key to job security.

Discover how you can improve student learning and your instruction when you creatively utilize assessments. Join this crash course to engage in several types of assessments and begin creating your own!

In This Crash Course, You Will:

  • Pick the right assessment method to align with your objectives
  • Determine desired level of mastery
  • Explore how to provide feedback to the learner without feeling like a test
  • Critique knowledge assessment items to follow guidelines
  • Determine when to use a performance rubric vs. an observation checklist
  • Create a performance rubric for one skill objective by the end of the crash course 

Creating Effective Assessments Crash Course —

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