CORE: Closers, Openers, Revisiters and Energizers for Webinars, Volume 5

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Becky Pike Pluth, Rich Meiss, Jennifer Hofmann, Cindy Huggett, Darlene Christopher, Jaime Pylant, Scott Enebo, Wendy Gates Corbett

Wow your learners with your webinars!

Webinars have proven to be a valid and valuable solution to training budget cuts and the need for information now! However, few webinar facilitators realize that webinars, just like in-person classes, need to be interactive in order to be effective.

So where do you start? With this book. Between these pages are 49 different activities you can use to open your webinar with fun and purpose, close your session with celebration and poignancy, revisit content with variety for retention's sake, and energize your audience to keep them engaged and attentive.

We've also created an accessory PowerPoint slide deck with at least one slide for each activity so you don't have to. Nothing could be easier!

Foreword by Jane Bozarth, author of Better than Bullet Points.

Part of the CORE: Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energizers for Training series.