101 Movie Clips that Teach and Train

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  • ISBN/UPC Code:: 978-0-9794103-0-7

Becky Pike Pluth

Let this book jumpstart your creativity for lesson planning or training design by providing you with the perfect movie clip for over 100 topics, including discrimination, leadership, team building, and sales. Each clip comes with cueing times, plot summary and scene context and cogent discussion questions. All topics are cross-referenced so you can easily find the perfect clip for your teaching or training needs.
(Note: this book does not include actual movie clips.)

Sample Movie Clip:

Topic Area: Assertiveness, Courage, Fear, Flexibility, Innovation, Motivation, Results

Movie Title: Monsters, Inc. Distributed By: Walt Disney/Pixar 2001

Year Created: 2001 MPAA rating: G

Plot Summary: James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are two of many monsters that work for Monsters Inc. generating power from the screams of children. With a little girl accidentally brought into the plant and a devious plan to rid Monstropolis of its power problems, Sulley and Mike have their work cut out for them. Together they will fight for the children they scare every night.

Description of the Scene: The scream business is on the decline and failing so Sulley and Mike have turned to the laughing business to generate power for the plant.

Start Time: 1:20:37 End Time: 1:22:37 Clip Duration: 2:00

Discussion Questions:

  • What helped turn around the monster's problem?
  • How many approaches does Mike take to get the child to laugh?
  • If you were the child, what would you expect from the monster?
  • Do you find yourself bringing solutions to the table or problems? Why?
  • What steps can you do to become more flexible in your job and the way you think?
  • What will you do differently the next time you are posed with a problem or challenge?
  • When you don't get the result that you are looking for, what do you do?