Better Virtual Meetings Crash Course


The old-fashioned meeting isn’t going away—it’s evolving. Believe it or not, the average employee’s number of virtual meetings increased 17% compared to in-person meetings before the pandemic. What could happen if your virtual meetings were just 25% better, or more? Would you see higher sales, more collaboration, greater satisfaction, less stomach acid burn?

This crash course will help you master the art of virtual meetings whether you’re tech minded or not. These essential skills will help any professional who facilitates online meetings or manages remote/distanced teams.

In this 3-hour crash course, you will:

  • Identify different types of virtual meetings and how to conduct each kind
  • Select the best meeting plan, who should attend, and how often to meet
  • Discover 10 deadly sins of virtual meetings and how to avoid them
  • Discover skills to impress audiences with your command of the virtual room
  • Discuss strategies to involve people so no one dominates or drops out
  • Utilize a checklist of what to do before, during and after to make virtual meetings productive, even refreshing

Better Virtual Meetings Crash Course —

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This workshop is available for groups of 8 or more. Find out more about bringing Team Training to your company.

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Virtual Ice Breakers

By learning to deploy the right icebreakers at the start of your virtual meeting, you’ll help participants stay focused, engaged, and energized, making your meeting a success.

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